Meet the Consultants

At Archer, each consultant specialises in a different niche area of the IT market. This allows the Archer Consultants to have a better understanding of their industry and its particular needs. It’s also a way to create strong pipelines of candidates.

Paris Michailos
Functional Programming Recruitment Specialist

Paris is leading the Functional Programming recruitment space and brings over several years of continual growth and best practices to the industry.
Based at our offices in Malta but with international focus, he is working with organisations across Europe and N. America to help them grow their teams.

He has a solid understanding of the space he is recruiting for and he has helped various companies to attract Scala, Haskell & Rust Developers.

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Serena Lacerenca
IT Infrastructure & DevOps Recruitment Consultant

Serena specialises in Recruitment of IT Infrastructure, IT Security, Systems, Networks and DevOps Engineers. She deals with a number of companies based in Malta and is always in contact with IT talents.

Serena commits with persistence to all assignments to provide with the best services to her clients, as well as to support the candidates in their career development – keep in touch with her!

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Ewelina Kaczmarek
Java & PHP Recruitment Consultant

Ewelina is leading the Java & PHP recruitment space and connects talent to great companies in Malta following best practices.

Based at our offices in Malta, she builds an extensive network of candidates who trust her advice and expertise.

She has a deep understanding of the market and technologies and her clients trust her that with persistence and commitment she can deliver what they need.

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Beate Krastina
.NET Recruitment Consultant

Beate specialises in . NET Recruitment, working closely with wide range of organisations across industries within the Maltese market.

She is committed to providing top talent to her clients providing not only technically talented individuals but also ensures cultural matches.

Beate has an established network focusing on Backend and Fullstack Developers locally and internationally, assisting and supporting them to find the right opportunity in Malta.

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Giada Pietribiasi
IT Infrastructure Consultant

Giada is a recruitment specialist focusing on IT Infrastructure within the Maltese market.

She is constantly in contact with a wide range of leading organisations on the island, guiding her network of key players to the best career progression within the IT industry.

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Agata Jaholkowska
JavaScript Recruitment Consultant

Agata specialises in JavaScript Recruitment working closely with most tech companies within Maltese market.

Having had knowledge of various technologies and the market, Agata helps her employers and candidates anticipate and benefit from the changes occuring in the current front-end world. She has established a wide network of candidates who are based in Malta and abroad. By thoroughly pre-selecting, screening and interviewing, she provides top talents to her clients on a consistent basis.

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Ana Fink
Business Intelligence, Data & Analytics Recruitment Consultant

Ana specialises in Business Intelligence, Data & Analytics Recruitment and focuses on the Maltese market. She thoroughly "interviews" companies about their teams, current and future needs, the technology they use and cultural fit. Only after deep "investigation", Ana takes the assignment.

Ana leads the recruitment process and makes sure that only matching roles are presented to candidates and vice versa, only matching candidates have the opportunity to meet their future potential employees. To make this process efficient, Ana invests lots of time in investigation and prescreening.

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Danny Claridge
Functional Programming Business Development Consultant

Danny is a Business Development Executive within the Functional Programming recruitment space and brings over several years of recruitment experience from the UK and Scandinavia. He has built relationships with over 150 companies throughout Europe and is determined to drive Archer further into the Functional Programming community.

Danny is based in Malta but with an international focus, he is working with organisations right the away across Europe.

He has a solid understanding of the space he is recruiting for and he has helped various companies to attract Scala, Haskell & Rust Developers.

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Julia Rossi
IT Researcher / Head Hunter

Julia is one of the Head hunters at Archer and a very valuable member of the team!
Since Julia joined Archer, she has been assisting the recruitment consultants to find the right talents for Archer clients.

In a candidate-driven market like Malta / Cyprus, it’s very important to know the best ways to approach and gain the trust of high calibre people that can make a difference in the company they join. This is the focus of Julia - to create long-lasting relationships with candidates and a network of people who trust her to find the best job for them.

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Peter Maxwell
IT Researcher / Head Hunter

Peter is an IT Researcher and Head Hunter who has been with Archer for the last couple years and recruits within the software development space. His role is key in providing top tier and highly skilled candidates seeking their ideal career-shaping job.

Peter uses his experience and profound knowledge of both the Maltese and Cypriot market to find the right candidates for the role and present them to Archer clients. Over the years Peter has built strong and significant client relationships and in turn, has developed a trustworthy bond and is an individual who clients can depend on.

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