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At Archer, each consultant specialises in a different niche area of the IT market. This allows the Archer Consultants to have a better understanding of their industry and its particular needs. It’s also a way to create strong pipelines of candidates.

Serena Lacerenca

Serena Lacerenca

IT Infrastructure & DevOps Recruitment Consultant – Country Manager

Serena specializes in Recruitment of IT Infrastructure, IT Security, Systems, Networks and DevOps Engineers. She deals with a number of companies based in Malta and is always in contact with IT talents.

Serena commits with persistence to all assignments to provide with the best services to her clients, as well as to support the candidates in their career development – keep in touch with her!

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Testimonials for Serena

Serena helped us in many occasions by placing skilled and good value candidates. We take very little time in getting each other understood and this helps in achieving a very strong and effective collaboration. After a number of years she now knows our environment very well and therefore helps us find the right match. It is always a pleasure to work together.

Trevor BezzinaDivision Manager

I have been working with Serena for several years. Many recruiters have come and gone during this time but Serena is still one of the first people I will brief for a role. She is always personable and professional to work with and I particularly like she treats her candidates with the same respect as she does with the employers. Serena is very professional, focused and reliable. She is organised and you can rely on her to get the work done. She will ensure that all stakeholders are happy and comfortable with whatever process she is managing or involved in.

Gianbattista Bufalino, HR Manager and PhD in HR Management, Leadership, Educational Leadership

Serena was leading recruitment consultant within my assessment phases. She has been a pleasure to work with, bringing her attention to detail to any information need it. Her communication and people skills are excellent, and she has great approach talking with candidates. Serena was available for me in anytime need it, with right information, positive attitude and good energy. She is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable lady. She would be an asset to any organization and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Gradimir NovakovicSenior Infrastructure Architect

Serena contacted me with regard to a potential career opportunity for me and I expressed my interest in the role. Serena then took charge of the situation and organised an interview for me. In doing so, she was very diligent, making sure to ask me all the relevant questions and even meeting up with me beforehand to prepare me for the interview process. Once the interviews were over, Serena also followed up with the interviewers and sent me the offer. Since the job was precisely what I was after and the offer met my expectations, I accepted it. Serena then followed up with me and met with me a second time to guide me through the process of resigning from my then current job. With the above in mind, I wholeheartedly recommend Serena. Not only did she find me a job that met all my expectations, she also guided me throughout the entire process – from the initial interview up to and including resigning from the then current job. I found her to be very approachable and helpful every step of the way and this made the process much easier for me.

Joseph BorgSenior Technical Architect

I was browsing through the market (in a matter of speaking) for new opportunities, Serena presented me with a few options and guided me through the whole process from start to finish. I feel that Serena is an amazing professional and mentor.

Steven Camilleri IT System Administrator
Kate Zsofcsak

Kate Zsofcsak

Fronted Development Recruitment Consultant

Kate is a recruitment consultant working exclusively in the Frontend Development market. As a specialist recruiter, she operates with the top Maltese organisations to increase the quality and speed of recruitment by integrating best practices and resource planning, allowing her clients access top talent for their most challenging IT roles.

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Testimonials for Kate

Kate is one of the best HR professionals I’ve ever worked with. She carefully led me through a process of finding a perfect position, accommodating both my and employer’s needs. I particularly thankful to Kate for tactful and quick responses to any of my concerns or doubts. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Anastasia Paukste Front-end Developer

her name should be a qualification level in itself when ICT recruitment is concerned.

My case? 30+ years of professional software development, managerial positions, broad experience. Aspects that don’t suit well in the current ICT market in Malta. And yet…

Although we met face-to-face only after the facts, she managed to find a position that suits so well with my experience and way of being that it seems a little miracle.

A woman’s intuition? Certainly also an excellent professionalism. I don’t believe in miracles.
And she had to insist. 1.5 years of unsuccessful job applications forced me to focus on other ways of earning my life in ICT. Successfully. Not wasting time with other interviews.
Fortunately Kate managed to convince me to go to that first one.

And I thank her for that.

Ronald PoellSoftware Developer

Kate has been assisting with numerous recruitment processes and her recommendations are always spot on.
She is highly available, she has excellent communication skills and she is a pleasure to work with.
Keep up the good work, Kate!

Cristina GrigoreHR manager
Georgia Papadaki

Georgia Papadaki

.NET Development Recruitment Consultant

Georgia is leading the desk of .NET recruitment.She has a great network of local and international Full-Stack & Backend .NET developers at all levels.

Her clients trust her understanding of the Microsoft environment and her ability to dig deep to identify the specific needs of each party. Her candidates know that they will be the first to know for a new .NET role in Malta.

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Testimonials for Georgia

Georgia is the best recruiter that I have ever met! She helped me get a job within 3 weeks of my first chat with her. She provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight into the area I wanted to go into. Which in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. She was always available to communicate with me and she only puts you forward for roles you are suitable for. I would recommend Georgia to anyone who is looking for a job as a .NET developer in Malta.

Davide SenatoreSoftware Developer

Archer recruiters have always helped me in finding a matched job careers, in fact Georgia made sure to get the best opportunities which match with my skills and knowledge. She is very motivated to help clients, and whenever there is new information I was informed promptly. Georgia is a very friendly with her clients, and keeps profiles well updated. I am very satisfied with her help and with Archer Employees. Highly recommended. keep it up 🙂

Michael Borg.NET Developer

Georgia is the best recruiter that I met in the Island, she helped me from the beginning to the my first day at the new position here in Malta.
In the whole process ( was a bit longer by the company side ) everything was clear and she tried to assist in all subjects.
Very professional and helpful.

Thiago LureiroSenior Full Stack Developer

I have spent the last few weeks looking for my next job with Georgia’s help. She has a deep understanding of the local market. She is very professional and provided me with invaluable feedback throughout the whole process. Highly recommended, I wouldn’t use anyone else!

Andrew MeliSolutions Architect

Georgia went above and beyond to find the best suitable match for me. She was always available for all my queries. All the jobs opportunity that she found, were all excellent fits. If you are a software developer looking for a challenge in Malta, I highly recommend getting in touch with her.

Victor IuonasBackend Software Architect

I have been working with Georgia on some of our vacancies for the past year and it is always a relief to receive excellent profiles as well as a professional service from her. She immediately understands our needs and we save so much time with our collaboration. We fine tune our way as we go along and we arrive to a selectin fairly quickly as opposed to other agencies. Always looking forward to work together.

Trevor BezzinaDivision Manager & Partner

I am very happy with the professionalism and commitment that Georgia showed whilst I was searching for a new job. Her recommendations matched what I was looking for and I have now found a great place to continue my career in.
I would highly recommend her to anyone looking seeking work in the Maltese IT industry.

Jonathan Micallef.NET Developer

I recommend Georgia for her professionalism shown in her work. She is also positive and confident and helped me throughout the interview process. Georgia is well-versed in the skills required for the position and she provided all the necessary information for my interview. I would definitely recommend Georgia to anyone seeking professional work. Thank you Georgia!

Enrico AquilinaSoftware Developer

Georgia has provided me one of the best recruiting experiences I’ve had so far. She is extremely well prepared on the topics required for the position and communicates in a very friendly way. She is also very thorough, providing all the necessary information to successfully prepare the interviews.

George GauciSenior Full - Stack Developer

Georgia has been great at providing all relevant information in a timely manner. I recommend Georgia for her positive and bubbly character which makes you feel very confident throughout the interview process. Georgia was also very supportive and comprehensive during the wait for the feedback. She’s responsible enough to pass over all details to her colleagues before any leave days and take over again the day she returns. Thanks Georgia!

Justin FarrugiaSoftware Developer

Georgia is highly dedicated and very professional. She made sure the entire recruitment process is as easy as it gets, scheduling appointments and handling communication, both before interviews and after. Within a very short time and as little intrusive as possible, she compiled a list of my skill set and matched an ideal work opportunity. I will definitely recommend her for her exceptional dedication to this profession.

Keith MifsudSoftware Developer

Georgia is very effective and to-the-point. Through out the recruitment process I never had the feeling that my time is being wasted, she managed to get all the needed information from me in a very short time and arrange interview almost on the spot.
I can recommend her work to any software engineer looking for employment.

Bogumil GrinerSoftware Engineer
Paris Michailos

Paris Michailos

Functional Programming Recruitment Specialist

Paris is leading the Functional Programming recruitment space and brings over several years of continual growth and best practices to the industry.
Based at our offices in Malta but with international focus, he is working with organisations across Europe and N. America to help them grow their teams.

He has a solid understanding of the space he is recruiting for and he has helped various companies to attract Scala, Haskell & Rust Developers.

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Testimonials for Paris

Paris has a very professional and diligent approach when it comes to recruitment. From my personal experience, he is very approachable, helpful and patient. He takes time to explain things in detail and makes sure to clarify whenever possible. I would definitely recommend him as a recruiter when looking for potential opportunities in the job market.

John MeilakSenior Software Engineer

Last summer I had a call from Pari for some open roles in Malta. Paris not only found the “right fit” for me in one week but he also supported me from the interview process till my relocation in Malta. I would highly recommend Pari to anyone

Konstantinos GousopoulosSoftware Engineer

Paris is an excellent recruitment consultant with a lot of experience. He helped me very much to find my new role and he gave me very good advice for everything. I highly recommend him to anyone that looking for a new role in IT industry.

Anastasios ManiosWeb Developer

Paris is perhaps one of the most helpful recruiters I ever met. I could not be more satisfied with the way he guided me into finding my new role. I will redirect any tech professional looking for a role to Paris.

Fernando CamaraiGaming Technology Professional

Paris is an amazing recruitment consultant. He did an excellent job understanding my skills and finding the perfect opportunity. Paris was attentive, patient and helpful throughout the entire recruitment process and he always kept me updated with feedback. His patience and tenacity were great assets in securing a good offer. I have now started my new role and I would highly recommend him to anyone on my network.

Dimitar GoshevskiSenior Software Engineer
Anya Malyarova

Anya Malyarova

IT Infrastructure & DevOps Recruitment Consultant

Anya specializes in IT Infrastructure, Network and DevOps Recruitment. She always meets candidates to understand deeply their requirements and consult them about the current market; she meets companies to discuss their needs.
Finally, she introduces right candidates to best available opportunities and vice versa; candidates get dream jobs, companies hire the best talents.

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Testimonials for Anya

Anya has been really helpful throughout these past couple of months in helping me find a suitable job which matches both my interests and capabilities. She is a very humble and down-to-earth person and is very patient and friendly too. Anya kept in constant contact with me, both via email correspondences and phone conversations and she always managed to keep me updated with regards to new job opportunities and feedback from past interviews.

I would definitely recommend Anya and Archer IT Recruitment in general to anyone who is currently looking for a job and a long-term career. Coming from a 100% satisfied client.

Mark HallInformation Technology Specialist

I highly recommend and vouch for Anya as a very excellent recruitment consultant. Anya understands your preferences and is extremely efficient, friendly and professional, while aims to deliver all the necessary feedback required to keep me updated throughout the entire process while job-searching. All this being said, I am now embarking on another adventure which thanks to her help, work and effort, I am happily pursuing a job that I have long sought for.

Clayton AnnatiTechnical Support Specialist

I would highly recommend Anya as an IT Recruiter. Anya was really professional, helpful and very efficient in communication through all the recruitment process. Keep up your great work!

Nikos ZarpasSr. SharePoint and SQL Server Infrastructure Administrator

Anya is definitely one of the best Recruitment Consultants I have worked with here in Malta. Anya understood my needs and requirements perfectly and thanks to her I can say I have found a job I am very happy with. I would very highly recommend Anya to anyone seeking new opportunities.

David FrendoInformation Security Engineer

Anya is one of a kind person and one of the best recruiter that I have ever talked and met! She helped me to get my current job within 1 week. She provided me all the necessary information and resources for the job. She helped me moving to Malta. I would recommend Anya to anyone who is looking for a job in fields like IT Infrastructure & DevOps Recruiter.

Emmanouil MakrygiannakisIT Operations & Support Engineer

Peter Maxwell

Peter Maxwell

IT Researcher / Head Hunter

Peter is an IT Researcher and Head Hunter who has been with Archer for the last couple years and recruits within the software development space. His role is key in providing top tier and highly skilled candidates seeking their ideal career shaping job.

Peter uses his experience and profound knowledge of both the Maltese and Cypriot market to find the right candidates for the role and present them to Archer clients. Over the years Peter has built strong and significant client relationships and in turn has developed a trustworthy bond and is an individual who clients can depend on.

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Julia Rossi

Julia Rossi

IT Researcher / Head Hunter

Julia is one of the Head hunters at Archer, and a very valuable member of the team!
Since Julia joined Archer, she has been assisting the recruitment consultants to find the right talents for Archer clients.

In a candidate driven market like Malta / Cyprus, it’s very important to know the best ways to approach and gain the trust of high calibre people that can make a difference in the company they join. This is the focus of Julia - to create long-lasting relationships with candidates and a network of people who trust her to find the best job for them.

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