The Maltese market has been maturing in terms of new technologies that have been introduced by the companies in previous years, also the regulating processes have been moving forward. The online services went through major changes – such as iGaming and Financial Services. On the other side, the GDPR implementation involved every single organisation and it required a particular focus on implementing new and more detailed procedures on the already existing IT platforms.

Regardless of their size, most organisations in Malta have moved to the Cloud environment. A hybrid IT infrastructure set-up is the preferred approach and consequentially it is very important for the companies to hire cloud specialists who have hands-on experience with administering Cloud platforms, ideally, also with designing and implementing them from scratch.

It is also a big plus to be able to manage migration processes from the physical to the virtual servers. Depending on the company’s technology set-up, either Azure or AWS are the key tools. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is also considered a valuable product within the Maltese market. Skilful Cloud Engineers can progress to DevOps and SRE roles when they possess automation abilities such as Terraform and Cloud Formation, strong scripting and/or light development skills.

Technical Compliance Professionals are becoming key roles in most organisations with their knowledge of the market regulation and keeping themselves up to date with the legislation’s chances. Also, IT Audit Professionals are equally in demand – the attention to this topic by the Maltese government is evidently growing.

Lastly, IT Security Engineers are key players as well. They are required to have a strong Systems and Network Administration background combined with deep knowledge of PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), ISO27001 (International Organisation for Standardisation). Penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and encryption method implementation are valuable skills.


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