IT and .NET in Malta – 2019


2018 has been a strong year for Malta’s IT sector and while it is continuing its long-held trajectory of growth, it’s yet to reach its peak and the market is full of opportunities.

Malta has maintained its economic momentum, remaining one of the best performing economies in Europe.

With more firms employing foreign talents to mitigate the shortage of labor in Malta, the expat community on the island is growing and is expected to boom in 2019.

Much of this growth is driven by the increasing number of online gaming companies setting up shops on Maltese shores. Alongside the continued emergence of dynamic industries like Fin-tech, IT Services, e-Commerce, Telecoms, Banking & Finance and particularly Online Payments Providers, this is creating new vacancies and openings for candidates to explore.

Blockchain & AI Strategy

2018 was the year Malta cemented itself as The Blockchain Island with the launch of Three Bills during the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit last November.

In 2019, the Blockchain Island is moving beyond the hype. The Maltese Government will enact another world first: a Fourth Bill, giving a D.A.O. its own legal personality. In addition, a task force is also working around the clock on a set of incentives that will support businesses in Artificial Intelligence.

Following the introduction of legislation concerning blockchain technology, the government has set up the Malta Digital Innovation Authority as well as a specialised unit within the Malta Financial Services Authority for fin-tech.

Malta makes use of its strategic geographical position, weather conditions, strong skills base and entrepreneurial spirit to serve as a test-bed for new sectors and foreign firms to test their new technology and products locally. Marking themselves as world-leaders within this industry, Malta Blockchain hopes to revolutionize the perspective governments will adopt towards such innovative technologies.

On the other hand…

Continued efforts in attracting further investment to Malta upon Brexit.

“Malta could be the UK’s gateway to Europe.”

Malta has excellent relations both with its European neighbors as well as with the UK. As a former British colony, Malta has adopted English as one of its official languages which is widely spoken among the Maltese work force. The legal and finance system also reflects remnants of the island’s history of colonization which makes it an ideal domicile for both British and continental businesses.

Malta Enterprise has already introduced a scheme to provide business advisory services to local SMEs whose business is mostly dependent on the UK.


The need for IT professionals is increasing rapidly on the island and when it comes to software development .NET and C# remain very important and wanted technologies for 2019.

The .NET Development market bears the most fruit for Backend Developers, rather than Full stack lately. Backend Web Development skills are also popular, since development of desktop applications is not really common any more.

Mid-level Developers, with around 3 years of professional experience are sought after mainly by local tech firms. While Senior Developers are usually wanted by bigger international organisations.

In terms of technologies, ahead of the pack are C#, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, RestAPI, MS SQL, often combined with JavaScript, Angular or React, MySQL, MongoDB, Kafka or Redis.

For employers what’s most important is passion for coding – developers who code both inside and outside of office hours are attractive hires. Like other parts of the IT market, .NET has seen something of an uptick in salaries which remain buoyant.

The bulk of this growth has been concentrated among Senior profiles. Our observation is that this increase is being powered by the growth of the iGaming market. Malta is established as a hub for this industry, and as new entries to the iGaming sector arrive on the island, they have to be open to offering higher salaries in order to compete.


Salaries for .NET developers :

  • <3 yrs experience: 20,000 € – 30,000 € gross per year
  • 3-5 yrs. experience: 30,000 € – 45,000 € gross per year
  • 5-9 yrs. experience: 45,000 € – 55,000 € gross per year
  • 10+ yrs. experience: 55,000 € + gross per year


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