Enter a pristine patch of Mediterranean bliss, the essence of that famed sun-soaked lifestyle and a global hub of opportunity. Rich in history and culture, Malta offers more than its size suggests.

Malta boasts a great climate, fun atmosphere and easy access to the rest of Europe. Not to mention that its tech sector is growing fast. Despite being the smallest country in the EU, Malta has managed to attract some of the world’s biggest employers to its shores. And talented people come from all over to seek their fortune.

Finding your feet in a new country can be daunting: but rest assured that Archer Malta’s consultants have helped many make that same transition.

History & Culture

Bursting with restaurants, sights, beautiful beaches and crystal waters, Malta is a fantastic place to kick off your new life. The people here embrace that famed relaxed, Mediterranean lifestyle. They make the most of those 310 days of sunshine a year!

Not to mention the 7000 years of rich history. Malta is a history buff’s paradise; these islands have one of the highest densities of historical sites in the world. You could spend years exploring the Megalithic Temples of Ggantija, Roman ruins, Medieval castles, WWII shelters, and the hundreds of glorious baroque churches. And you’d still have so many ‘new’ things to discover.

Opportunity Calls

Small island, big business. Malta has transformed into a global hub of industry, trade and commerce. Some of the biggest and best employers in Europe and the world have set up shop here. The booming tech sector is buoyed by the Silicon Valletta initiative that connects the country’s start-up scene with the public and investment sectors and brings together CEOs of Malta-based digital businesses.

Cost of Living

In Malta, a great lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive. Food, transport, and eating & drinking out are all much more affordable here than most other places in Europe. This means your money goes further while letting the good times roll.

While rent has increased over the past few years thanks to the thriving economy, there are still lots of affordable options. And it’s easy to find somewhere within walking distance of the office. With reasonable prices the norm across the island, it’s easier to maintain a high standard of living.

Making the Move

Malta’s airport, Malta International Airport (MLA) servers as a central hub for cheap flights both to and from Europe. So, you’re always connected to major cities in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Once you’re there you can start adjusting to your exciting new life.

Some things to know: Malta has some of the most generous holidays in Europe. Right now, there’s 14 days of public holidays for all. Taxes are favourable and managed by your employer and the government mandates that employers pay quarterly bonuses to employees. Childcare is affordable and free for children under the age of 3. The high standard of education, free healthcare and good public transport also makes Malta an attractive place to live.

Affordable Accommodation

The average cost of a one bedroom apartment in the city centre is just €650. For a two bedroom, you’ll be looking at €800. This lets you be at the heart of Malta’s social scene and its many restaurants, bars and sights for less.

English Speaking

English is Malta’s main language of business. 88% of the island’s residents speak the language.

Sun All Year

Malta gets plenty of sun in all seasons. You can expect 300 days of great weather out of every year.

Live Better for Less

The cost of living in Malta is still low despite its economic success. Your average cost of dinner for 2 is just €44, and the average cost for a beer – just €2.50. Cheers!

Lots of Annual Leave

You will lots of time to enjoy the sunshine with 25 days of Annual Leave per year. As well as this, Malta has a high number of public holidays.

Great Prospects

Malta has become a hub for global industry, particularly for iGaming, IT and Finance. The unemployment rate is just 4.2% meaning there is plenty of opportunity to go around.

Safe and Sound

Malta is a very safe country, meaning you can enjoy all the great things about living here with peace of mind.